2020 Visioneer

We are looking for outstanding students who want to make a difference.

Visioneers are creative problems solvers, driven leaders, caring community members and academically disciplined college students.
What we offer you: a $3,000 scholarship plus a paid 8 week summer internship at our Firm.

During the summer you will join our dynamic team, learn new skills, gain professional experience, make meaningful contributions to the organizations you service, and have a great time in the process.

As part of our commitment to serve the community, the Visioneer Scholarship Program was established to recognize high achieving students.
Who we’re looking for

Our staff’s background is as diverse as the problems we solve every day. While we don’t require a specific major, successful candidates must be:

  • Analytic
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Strong Communicator
  • Problem Solver
  • Team Player
  • Full-time students who have completed their third year
  • Outstanding Academic Record
  • Submit the required material
Wondering what we do? We are strategy consultants. We help businesses develop and implement tailor made solutions that will enable them to make improvements to their performance and realize their most significant goals.
At the heart of our strategy is our unique culture.
We are committed to serving our community.
Awards that demonstrate our growth and best practices.
What you need to apply
Two letters of recommendation
Recommendation letters must be emailed directly by each recommender, to scholarship@v2aconsulting.com. Candidates' names must be clearly identified.
Updated resume
Maximum of 500 words. Choose one of the following topics:
"What would you do to improve Puerto Rico’s...."
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Economy

Reach out and send us a message.


District View Plaza, Suite 401
644 Fernández Juncos Avenue
San Juan, PR 00907-3122
+1 (787) 919-7303